Human Ear Videos

Whether you are a student like myself, a patient or a parent of a patient, I believe that understanding the details of what you are dealing with truly helps alleviate stress. We have been reviewing the anatomy of the Human Ear in my Intro to Hearing Disorders class. I have been having a bit of difficulty grasping the finer details of the Cochlea, particularly the Organ of Corti. I learn best through instruction that combines auditory, visual and text. After visiting a video link that my professor provided, my quest for learning took over and I found all of these helpful and wonderfully animated videos. I posted them all here, in one place, for my future use as well as to share them with you. Go ahead…watch, learn, and be amazed by the human ear. If you are a patient or student, hopefully you will feel your stress level lower as you begin to grasp and understand the details of our beautiful yet delicate human ear. Enjoy!

3D Human Ear

Auditory Transduction

Ear Model

How Sound Is Transferred to the Inner Ear

How We Hear Different Pitches

The Function of the Organ of Corti

The Role of Hair Cells In Hearing

Model of the Cochlea – Hair Cells, etc

Boney Labyrinth Model

Hair Cells

Bony Labyrinth Model – Vestibule

Bony Labyrinth Model – Semicircular Canals


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